We have space for you!!

Do you want to store your household goods or the equipment of your company, hotel or even your luxury yacht?

Our storage areas are enormous and equipped with all modern fire and security equipment and, of course, with 24-hour security.

We are ready to host your items for as long as required, as well as perform quality control, if you so desire.

Hotel Equipment Storage

If the renovation of your hotel is vital, the storage of its equipment is equally vital.

Our company engineers will perform all the necessary planning and will provide tailor made proposals for the safe transportation and storage of your hotel equipment.

 Another useful service we offer is the qualitative and quantitative inspection of your equipment by our qualified quality assurance appraiser to ensure that it is securely picked up.

 After that, our spacious and fully secure warehouses will be properly prepared to welcome your equipment.

Corporate Equipment and Record Storage

Do you need to store all or part of your business equipment?

Are your files so numerous that they no longer fit in your facilities?

No problem! We will transport them to our storage areas that are specially designed to meet your every need and requirement, with absolute security.

Household Goods Storage

Your households are so valuable ...

If you wish to have the storage and protection they deserve, we can provide it.

With the highest security standards and 24-hour security, we protect every piece of furniture, every appliance, every object for as long as it takes!

Yacht Equipment Storage

If you are planning to renovate your yacht, all you need to do is reach out to us. We have the best tools to dismantle, transport and store your yacht’s equipment. And, of course, to replace it whenever you're ready!

Our warehouses are at your disposal to undertake the protection of your luxury yacht’s "world”.. With all available security systems and 24-hour security.