Technical Works

Our crane trucks and our experienced operators - drivers will, in the best possible way, carry out any technical work you require, in the timeframe you require. Even the toughest access areas are not a problem for us as we have the relevant know-how, experience and appropriate outdoor or indoor equipment. Regardless of the location of the task, we undertake to obtain the appropriate parking or traffic interruption permits from the appropriate authorities.

Building Facade Maintenance & Renovation

Whatever requirements you may have regarding the exterior of your company or apartment building our crane trucks can fulfill them.

Painting Services

Even in the highest or hardest spots we, or rather our vehicles, will provide you with solutions.

The painting of your building will be exactly as you want it.

Perhaps even better!


We transport and, with the support of our vehicles, we can place any metal construction anywhere, anytime, with absolute security. Give us a try!

Electrical and Plumbing Work

Any electrical or hydraulic work you require during the construction or renovation of your building, our vehicles are here to help!

Tree Pruning

Even the tallest eucalyptus or widest poplar is not a problem. With our truck mounted cranes, pruning trees is a simple affair!

Surface Cleaning

Our vehicles can reach the most inaccessible or highest surface, making quick work of cleaning it!

Road network and Tunnel Lighting

Yet another demanding and complex task. However, we have the appropriate vehicles for that too!

Ad and Motion Picture Services

All our projects have a happy end. Because we have the know how, the experience, the infrastructure and vehicles to provide...Oscar worthy advertisment and motion picture services!

Set Transfer and Installation

Our vehicles are the ‘leading actors’ in the transport and installation of sets for any of your small or large productions, with our operators - drivers as directors!

Support for Promotional Teams

Your promotions, no matter how demanding their transportation and installation requirements may be have a great ally: our vehicles!

Signage Transport and Placement

Wherever you require the placement of a sign, no matter how large, you can leave it to us. We will complete it in the best possible way!

Support for Movie or Ad Shoots

The transfer of any kind of equipment you may need will be undertaken by our vehicles with speed, consistency and impeccable organization. Any type shooting of a movie or ad you wish to perform, we'll be there to lift your camera or your lighting, help you create artificial rain or snow or whatever else you can imagine.

Event Services

Present your event with confidence!

Surely you want your event (congress, exhibition, etc.) to be crowned with absolute success. The same success as the transport and installation of its equipment!

Conference Locations and Exhibitions

At DARDOUMAS GROUP we undertake the transport of your event’s equipment. And, believe us, we have all the necessary infrastructure to achieve perfect results!

Store Equipment Placement

Have you renovated your store or relocated to a new place?

Your equipment is in the best hands. We will undertake its dismantling, transportation or installation.

Or all of the above!

Maintenance & Cleaning of Building Interiors

Another task that we deserve to be entrusted to us.

And we will undertake it with the best possible results using the most appropriate indoor equipment (spider vehicle, single column aerial basket vehicles, forklift trucks).

Building and Public Space Decoration

Our vehicles always rise to the occasion, to transform the exterior or interior of your building or public space into a true gem!

Building and Area Lighting

We ‘shine a light’ on your project. Our aerial basket vehicles and crane trucks can fufill all your lighting needs. Everywhere!

Lifting Plans

The Dardoumas Group has an Engineering Team which together with its customers, is able to study and propose the most efficient and economical way to do every job in Civil or Construction Industry, however complex it may be. Through site visits and / or the layouts and data available, our technicians execute and provide our customers with the solutions and means best suited to their needs and availability, as well as the Lifting Plans that illustrate the way in which the work is carried out, and the necessary equipment and configurations.