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K&L Piscines: Special lifting - transfer of ceramic pool

Using our experienced licensed operatos and the Knuckle Boom Crane with cargo transport license, we managed to lift - transported the special cargo from Athens to Paros with absolute safety. 

Xmas 2020 - Decoration of Athens!!!

It is our great honor that we completed the Christmas decoration project of the Municipality of Athens 


Olympia Odos: Bridge Maintenance

One of the most specialized special lifting projects was completed with great success and safety

DEI:Maintenance Project

Another maintenance project of electrical installations with great risk and special working conditions was carried out by the vehicle and the specialized employees of our company. Our licensed operator with many years of experience in these projects and our safety technician, took all the necessary safety measures and with careful movements of the crane managed to implement this project.

Mitera Hospital: Sign Setting

We worked in one of the most important buildings with a huge history in the field of health, we used our knuckle boom crane for the installation of its new sign.

Acropolis Museum: Special Maintenance Services

When we work for museums with such a history we can not describe in words the awe we feel, one image is enough !!

EY: Signs Maintenance Services

It is our honor to work on one of the most emblematic buildings with one of the most important logos - inscriptions where they have a huge history in the field of finance of our country.

The Hellinikon Project: Special Lifting Services

One of the biggest projects in the Mediterranean has just begun !! Dardoumas Group, an assistant in this effort, has been participating since the first day of the demolition of the buildings of the former Elliniko airport.

Household Goods Removal

Following our many years of experience and following in the footsteps of the project, we have completed another of the thousands of successful removals.

These steps are as follows: 1. Project Evaluation: The Special Move Consultant will visit your home and guide you exactly on the move process step by step. 2. Home-made preparation: At this stage, the packaging workshop of our company will be present and will pack all the equipment of your household product safely and according to international standards. 3. Transportation: We hold one of the largest fleets with trucks, cranes, elevators and experience to transport your household goods anywhere in the world, even in the most inaccessible places. 4. Destination: In your new home, we safely place your household goods and unpack all of them, if you wish.

Sani Resorts: Transportation – Assembly of Hotel Equipment Project

After our many years of experience in the development projects of luxury hotel facilities, we received, stored, transported and installed all the mobile equipment of the Sani Resort Hotel in Halkidiki.

During the renovation of the hotel we received and installed all the mobile equipment to equip the hotel that is going to start operating immediately. In addition, we undertook the quality and quantity control of the equipment in order to safely determine its receipt by our specialized quality assurer appraiser. The study of the project and the coordination was done by the engineers of DARDOUMAS GROUP.

Subsequently, our specialized personnel (such as craftsmen, engineers, truck drivers and project machine operators) with the appropriate machinery (trucks of various types, cranes, elevators, electric pallets, manual tools) took action to transport and specialize in their installation.

ISS Facilities Management: Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center - Special Cleaning Project

With the use of our experienced operators and the special spider-type basket machine, a special cleaning was carried out in the atrium of the Onassis hospital.

The engineers of our company made the study of the access of the machine inside the hospital with the use of a crane and special points of operation and protection of the marbles. Also, a special ramp was built so that the spider vehicle could "go down" the internal marble stairs.

Privat Sea Projects: Yacht Maintenance Project

Following our 20 years of cooperation, for another consecutive year we undertook, in collaboration with another partner, the maintenance and painting of the boat, as well as the maintenance of the ascents of its bow.

We used special cranes with a fixed - rotating basket certified by the competent bodies, qualified operators, project engineers and security technicians.

We warmly thank our close and dear associates.

Lamda Development: Aquarium Project

One of the most specialized special lifting projects was completed with great success and safety, where it lasted 4 months.

During the project we undertook the study and design of the elevation and installation of special elements and machinery of the newly built aquarium and playground of the Golden Hall shopping center.

After the study by the engineers of our company, we carried out the work using cranes, forklifts, work platforms, spider-type lifting machines, in combination with our experienced staff such as: project engineers, operators, security technicians, craftsmen, manual workers.

We warmly thank our close and dear associates.