Quality and Safety!

One cannot exist without the other.

Two concepts that are "transferred" to every stage of our work, and define our every step. And to ensure that we achieve this to the maximum degree possible, we place enormous importance on two key areas:

1. Materials

The selection of our suppliers is performed with very strict criteria . We only work with the most trusted suppliers, and only with those who offer the best materials, with specific certificates that meet all the basic requirements and regulations of the European Union.

2. Machinery

All our equipment (and there are many), is certified with conformity reports by the International Agency TUV Hellas.

Every piece of equipment or vehicle is subject to frequent checks not only by our own engineers, but by specialized crews we work with.

The result ? Every piece of equipment, every vehicle of the DARDOUMAS GROUP is absolutely safe and ready at any time to fulfil even the most demanding task you will assign us.

Quality Assurance Certificates

Following the international practices and developments, our Group has upgraded its system to meet the requirements of international standards, with various certifications. For their issuance, a detailed audit was performed on the operating procedures of all departments and vehicles of the Group.

  • Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001: 2015, for the provision of packaging services, transport - removal, lifting and installation of equipment, artworks and various objects in various places.
  • Road Traffic Safety Management System (RTS) standard according to the international standard ISO 39001: 2012.