Back in time


Our 60 years of experience and specialization in the transport and lifting sector have their own special milestones.

These are the moments that marked our upward trajectory and raised us high in the esteem of clients and partners. 


Ioannis Dardoumas makes his first professional steps with a motorized tricycle truck.


The "IOANNIS DARDOUMAS" company is founded and purchases its own Hanomac truck . The company's offices are located at 195 Filolaou Street , Athens.

1970 Ioannis Dardoumas’ hard work and work ethic are rewarded! The company’s customer base grows. The company now has four trucks to meet the needs of transporting household goods, companies, works of art, etc. The most important task undertaken by the company is the transfer of the equipment of the University of Crete and it begins a new collaboration with the German company Hoechst.

Demand and the company’s customer base are constantly growing. The first lifts and first large crane are purchased.


The eldest son of Ioannis Dardoumas , Stavros, joins the company and undertakes lifting and transportation projects for the largest artistic events, conferences and concerts, making the services and the overall course of the company skyrocket.


The younger son of Ioannis Dardoumas , Thodoris, enters the company with dynamism and takes over the transport sector. During that year, the company purchases the largest lift in Greece, at a height of 40 meters high.


The company expands into three major sectors: hotels, yachts and cruise ships, gaining the confidence of important businessmen and shipowners, and also takes on relocations of large companies.

1996 The company undertakes the televised coverage of the Acropolis Rally - Football Matches, using a unique aerial vehicle purchased in Germany as well as other smaller ones. In the same year, the company undertakes the relocation of the offices Hellenic Petroleum, as well as other large companies. It also extends its activities to the electrification of various road networks.

The staging of the Olympic Games by our country is also a milestone for us. Our company undertakes major projects such as the ATHENS 97 ' event and the Concert Hall of Athens, and collaborates with many European companies. The volume of work across the range of services (lifting and transport) grows rapidly.


Our company decorates the entire municipality of Athens with its unique aerial platforms and crane vehicles. It also collaborates with PPC for pruning throughout the Attica prefecture. At the same time, it purchases an area of ​​four acres and creates a parking facility for its vehicles, a workshop and logistics office.


Activities in the hotel industry continue at a steady pace. Our company undertakes the transport of the mobile equipment of the " Hilton " and "Grande Bretagne " hotels. During this time, we begin our collaboration with BB Italy the largest Italian group.


A great moment for us! We undertake the placement of banners and flags for the Olympic Games on the entire Greek road network. This huge project also signals our collaboration with some of the biggest advertising companies in the world (one of them being Image Bowers ) At this time, the construction of the Elefterios Venizelos Airport  begins, in which we have a significant part using our spider crane and crane vehicles.


TV stations use our vehicles to cover the Olympic Games. In the same year, we begin our cooperation with the largest shopping centers in Greece ( Athens Mall, Golden Hall, Athens Metro Mall et al.).


A seven year period of new partnerships, new challenges, especially in the hotel industry. Costa Navarino, Ikos Dassia Corfu , IkosOceania Halkidiki , and Sheraton Hotel Rhodes , are just some of the hotels that have placed their confidence in us.

As we were entrusted by the Greek Parliament, the Acropolis Museum, as well as the Odeon of Herodus Atticus for work with the use of our specialized spider crane vehicles.

All these contributed to the expansion of our offices and activities and to the creation of a new company within the Group, DARDOUMAS GROUP MIKE, focusing on transport.

2015 We begin our cooperation with Alpha Bank. Initially, we undertake the transport of equipment and various work projects using lifting equipment in all the branches of the bank..

We are then assigned one of the largest projects in the banking sector: the relocation, placement and replacement of all internal and external ATMs throughout Greece.

Equally, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation entrusts us with the construction and maintenance of its new facilities in Faliro, utilizing our vehicles.


The Angelcoussis Group, one of the largest companies in the shipping industry, entrusts us with the relocation of all its equipment.

That same year, the first  Four Season Hotel  in Greece, entrusts us with the international transport, delivery, quality control and storage of its hotel equipment and its transport and installation on the premises of the Astir Palace hotel.
2019 The third company of the Group, DARDOUMAS STORAGE IKE, is founded', which focuses on every type of storage services.

We continue our work in the hotel industry by undertaking a new project for the hotel Ikos Aria Kos.

And thus we hope to continue for many years to come and to serve your every need.