Our spaces inspire!


No company can offer high-quality services without the necessary infrastructure.

For this reason, our success is due to three factors : people, equipment and vehicles and facilities.

Our premises are specially designed to provide our people with ideal working conditions and appropriate storage for the security and maintenance of our equipment and vehicles:

  • The headquarters of our company, as well as one of the parking locations of our vehicles is located in Agios Dimitrios, at no. 31 and 34 Armodiou St.
  • Our main vehicle parking and maintenance location is in Koropi. At this facility, over an area of five hectares, is the location of our logistics office, as well as the storage area for tools and equipment.
  • The main storage warehouse of Dardoumas Storage, a member of the Dardoumas Group of Companies, is in Malakasa.

Our warehouse complies with the following technical characteristics:

  • A surface area of 3.400 sq.m. on two levels (ground floor and 1st floor, with an are of 1.700 sq.m. each ).
  • 3 unloading ramps, alarms, fire detection, fire safety system with automatic fire extinguishing system, closed CCTV monitoring circuit, and additional space for extra equipment.
  • 2 bridge cranes with a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons each, stable night storage, walls of 30cm reinforced concrete with unconventional walling comprised of panels.
  • Easy approach from the National Highway for international transport trucks originating from EU countries.
  • Guarded overnight truck stop and rest area.