We take every measure!


The health and safety of our employees and third parties during our work is a top priority for us.

That is why we take every measure that is humanly possible to secure it.

1. Education

The employees of DARDOUMAS GROUP are trained according to the strictest international standards.

Our Safety Technician is not only responsible for training, but constantly supervises the staff in the performance of their duties, from the use of the PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) until the completion of each job.

The best proof of the excellent training of our staff is the ISO 9001 certificate we hold.

2. Occupational Risk Assessment Studies (ORAS)

We try to ensure the safety and health of our staff and third parties who may be at risk either from equipment or the working methods followed.

The Occupational Risk Assessment Study ( Risk Assessment Management Plan ) issued by us, is delivered to our clients , especially for large-scale operations. It identifies potential hazards and ensures all measures and precautions that are to be taken to reduce these risks.