Always close to the needs of society!


A company that does not respect the society in which it operates has no reason to exist.

We know this very well, so we are always close to the needs of Greek society. Our people, vehicles and machines are always alert to be at the forefront of everything they need.

Some of the actions we have taken to help our fellow human beings are:

  • Free transportation with our vehicles and the placement of hotel equipment in areas with fire victims, thus covering one of their primary needs, that of housing, in the very painful first moments after a disaster.

  • The 15th of November 2017 was a dark page in the modern history of our country. 24 of our fellow human beings died in the unprecedented floods in Mandra, Attica. The material damage was incalculable. From the very first moment of this tragedy, our Group was close to the needs of the local community . We provided a large number of vehicles and drivers / operators to lift and transport heavy duty vehicles that had been tasked to collect waste and to collect mobile equipment from homes, companies, etc and had become stuck.
  • The purchase and donation of computers to cover the needs of the experimental Gymnasium of Plaka and many other schools, thus proving practice our interest in the younger generations of our country.

And, of course, we won’t stop there. As long as Greek society needs our vehicles, our equipment or our people, we will always be ready to respond!