Corporate Sector

Corporate Sector

No matter how large or small your business may be, we will always be at your side.

With our staff, our experience and all the necessary equipment, depending on your situation.

We undertake the transport and relocation of the equipment of large scale multi personnel corporations, as well as the packaging of personal effects of staff and any other items (computers, printers, copiers, other equipment, document archives etc) that the company may require.

We also undertake any external or internal work in corporate buildings or public spaces, using our crane vehicles, while arranging all permits related to parking and interruption of traffic with the appropriate authorities, where necessary.

Some of the tasks we have undertaken for the corporate and public sectors are:

  • Transfer of equipment of the University of Crete.
  • Transfer of equipment of HELLENIC PETROLEUM.
  • Collaboration with most Greek municipalities and regions.
  • Collaboration with the large Italian group "BB Italia".
  • Transportation and installation of equipment using spider cranes in major shopping centers, Museums, Airports and Institutions of Greece: '' Athens Mall '', '' Golden Hall '', 'Athens Metro Mall' 'and others , as well as the "Acropolis Museum", "Stavros Niarchos Foundation", "El. Venizelos ''.
  • Transportation of equipment of the Angelikousis Group.
  • Assisting with the coverage of the '' Rally Acropolis '' with a one-of-a-kind forklift purchased from Germany as well as other smaller ones.
  • The placement of banners and flags for the Olympic Games in Athens throughout the road network of Greece.
  • Assistance with the coverage of the Olympic Games with our specialized vehicles.
  • The decoration of the Municipality of Athens with our aerial basket trucks and crane trucks.
  • Transport of embassy equipment for countries such as France, Italy, America etc.